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About us

Made with love, meant to be loved. Deeply rooted in our DNA is a love for exquisite natural ingredients, high quality and scents that truly inspire to create moments of Wellbeing and Mind Wellness.


Switzerland is our base, it’s where we developed our love of nature and a profound gratitude for moments of wellbeing. In such moments you feel present in the here and now and you are truly able to recharge your energy. We named these our Mind Wellness moments. During our self-care and self-development journey, we realized that scents can help to create these beautiful moments and support to increase our energy and reduce stress while keeping on with our busy routine.


To share this experience, we decided to create these products so that you can also create your own Mind Wellness moments anywhere, anytime and truly deepen your sense of wellbeing. Our products were created as a mean to support you to take care of your mind as you take care of your body. This is because we strongly believe that when we feel well in our mind and our body, we have the power to shape and live the life of our dream.


Our Promises


Our efforts are focused to make life better. We bring intention and consciousness to every decision we make, so that your decision is made easier.


Our approach is founded in the strong belief that moments of wellbeing you can create with our products should be our highest priority. We know that scents have the power to alter a person, allowing them to remember aromatic experience and trigger emotional connections. Therefore, we want to provide you the best possible experience with a fusion of carefully selected 100% natural essential oils.


Our products are made in Europe (Switzerland and France) and are made of highest quality natural ingredients. We know that going toward natural ingredients is a necessity. This gives us a sense of pride knowing that most of the existing products on the market do not meet these standards of quality.

We believe that a product’s origin, sustainable production and natural ingredients are of equal importance as its aesthetic.